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CNC punching

CNC Punching, often an alternative to laser cutting, tends to be the production starting point for many of our products. We have the latest Trumpf machines with unmanned automatic production capacity.

The process:

Punching is the result of placing a metal sheet between an upper tool (punch) and a lower tool (die), as the sheet is moved around the automated machine table the upper tool punches through it producing a hole with the same shape as the geometric contour of the punch tool.

CNC punching offers an array of benefits, including:

  • Reducing the need for additional operations – our punching machines can emboss, bend, form, countersink, thread form, bead, contour cut, part stamp and engrave. The need for hank bushes and clinch nuts is replaced guaranteeing that bushes are never missed
  • Cost saving – unlike many other manufacturers our machines have the capability to de-bur, saving labour costs which are passed directly on to our customer
  • Speed – a key feature of our punching machines is the speed at which they run, offering a faster and more cost effective alternative manufacturing method to laser cutting
  • Accuracy – +/- 0.7mm in high accuracy mode

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